Travel Makeup Brush Holder



Black Makeup Brush Tube Holder: This beautiful makeup brush holder has 2 cups to organize and display your makeup brushes, and the cups snap together to carry your makeup brushes safely when traveling; Brush Holder measures 3.5" DIA X 8.75" H.

* NOTE: Makeup Brushes NOT Included

Details You Need To Know:

  • Do not over fill your makeup brush holder with brushes. This could lead to damaged bristles.
  • Protect the bristles by using a brush guard or plastic protector.
  • When putting the top on your tube, make sure none of the brush bristles are sticking out over the rim.
  • Lay the top of the tube on its side. One by one, slowly and carefully add each brush to the top half putting the brush bristles in first. Avoid forcing the brush as the holder maybe full.
  • If your brush holder gets dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth then dry. 
  • IMPORTANT: Do not submerge the makeup holder in water.

To Get The Makeup Brush Care Guide: Click Here

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