FAB Glass Nail File and Buffer



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The FAB Nails file by Beauty Junkees is a high quality glass material nail care tool functioning as both a nail file and a nail shiner. This natural nail care product is a quick & easy one-stop nail care system that leaves your nails looking like you just stepped out of a salon. Enjoy the polished look without the toxic chemicals that nail polishes have. FAB Nails leaves your nails looking natural and healthy for weeks.

Looking for an alternative to toxic nail polish, or prefer a more natural, healthy looking nail finish?    
  • CAN’T WEAR POLISH? Keep your nails looking FAB, even if you can’t wear nail polish. Great gift for Pregnant Women, Nurses, Teachers, Military, Food Service Professionals; safe for use on children.
  • SKIP THE SALON: Get a professional looking manicure at home with a high gloss finish that lasts up to four (4) weeks. FAB Nails crystal glass file lasts up to a year, depending on care and use.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO TOXIC NAIL POLISH: Give your nails a breather! FAB Nails glass file gives nails a smooth, ridge free glossy finish.
  • BETTER THAN DIAMOND, METAL, PAPER EMORY BOARDS: Gentle like a chamois, FAB Nails can be used as a buffer in a back and forth direction, sealing the keratin layers together, preventing peeling and chipping; unlike harsh Emory boards that can cause the keratin layers to shed, leaving nails thin, sometimes peeling.

Do you suffer from:

  • Peeling Nails?
  • Brittle Nails?
  • Weak Nails?

How to Use:

  • FILE: Shape and smooth nail edges with textured side of file.
  • BUFF: Using the same textured side of the file, gently begin to buff the nail by using a side to side motion where you want your nail to shine.
  • CLEAN: Wash with water. You can disinfect or sterilize this product without damaging the surface.  Once clean, dry the file before storing in its case.
  • STORE: Store glass file in protective case.

Includes 1 FAB Nail Glass File and 1 Plastic Case.

Environmentally Friendly - no toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Innovative Nail Care for Women, Men, and Safe for Use on Children.

Guaranteed for 30 days – No Questions Asked. If you try it, and don’t like it, return it for a full refund.

Got Questions?  Call us at 866-513-2258 or Read our FAQs

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