pro Flat Definer Eye Makeup Brush



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What It Does: The pro Flat Definer Eye Makeup Brush is best used to create a sharp and precise line to the upper or lower lash lines with gel, cream or powder liners. The bristles are soft but firm and have a sharp thin edge to help create a thin liner. Easy cleaning which ultimately means less bacteria transferring from your brush to your skin.

Details You Need to Know

  • Solid Wood Handle
  • Double Crimped Copper Ferrule
  • Does Not Shed
  • Works with all Makeup: Powders, Creams, Liquids, & Minerals

Guaranteed for 30 Days – No Questions Asked. If you try it and don’t like it; return it for a full refund!

How to Use: Click Here

Quick Tip:  Use this brush with concealer to create a sharp, clean edge under your brows.

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